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Yes there are.

Don't make me chase you, ok? Because I will. Lar 9 jul 2008 15:16 (UTC)

You're like ä little Mussolini, ären't you? Thänks for only mäking it 1 second. Forever Limburgish! -- Thekohser 9 jul 2008 15:19 (UTC)
Contribute constructively, or not at all. WMF is not your webspace provider. If that view makes you think my primary focus is on making the trains run on time, so be it. But I blocked you so you would realise that it doesn't take much effort for me to do so at all. Find another sandbox. Maybe set up a wiki of your own. Say... don't you have one already? I forget. Lar 9 jul 2008 15:22 (UTC)
Wäit ä minute... Considering Jimbo books his $100,000-ä-pop speäking engägements on his English Wikipediä User päge, I thought WMF is one's personäl webspäce provider? Not to mention, there's this neät Metä päge that lists Wikimediäns' birthdäys! That's constructive, äin't it?! -- Thekohser 9 jul 2008 15:29 (UTC)
I think you're citing en:w:WP:OTHERSTUFFEXISTS. That's constructive, isn't it?... not. PS what's with the crazy umlauts? :) Now shoo. This is sort of fun, for now... but shoo. You know better. Lar 9 jul 2008 15:58 (UTC)
You häve to äsk äbout the umläuts? Obviously, you äre not ä nätive Limburger. Perhäps it is you who doesn't belong on this site? This isn't English Wikisource, bub. -- Thekohser 9 jul 2008 16:53 (UTC)
See my user page, I "belong" on every site, as needed. I'll be anxiously awaiting some actual limburgerian text input on your part. :) Lar 9 jul 2008 17:42 (UTC)
Community consensus here is only 50% thät you "belong". I polled äll of the äctive users here between June 23 and July 10, änd fully HÄLF of them thought thät you should GET LOST, Lär!
Now, here's ä little ädvice for you: Ver viëhren moohze fiës en zihnne bliej, wänt dèè woär broär van dich doëd! I'm sure since you're fluent in Limburgese, you'll häve ä snäppy retort? -- Thekohser 14 jul 2008 18:35 (UTC)
Community consensus? There is no community. We are both interlopers. Whether you can speak Limburger or not. But the thing is, I'm an interloper with the charge to try to keep things within scope and you're an interloper with the self selected mission... to do what exactly? I see no within scope content creation by you so far. Lar 28 jul 2008 13:51 (UTC)
Moog ich öch gaere verzeuke óm öch hiej aan 't Lèmbörgs te haje? Ich vólg d'r geine aning aan. Bie veurbaat danke. VanLankvelt 31 jul 2008 04:28 (UTC)

I to think that you to speak English? I to speak no English and to have only an dictionary, so I can you not to help. If these discussion to be over the Limburgish project, maybe I can you to help. But I to see an sentence in the Sittard dialect, so I to think that you too can to speak Limburgish. To do you? VanLankvelt 31 jul 2008 04:45 (UTC)

Ich höb noeajts geweite det dien Ingels zóéa slèch is jóng :D D'n havik biet zich dao nag gein muuske vanaaf. En det Zitters is trówwes vólges mich van ózzen èège Biebel aafgejat :P --Ooswesthoesbes 4 aug 2008 18:26 (UTC)

Dear Lar and Thekohser,

I see that you know eachother for quite a long time now, but could you please explain what's really going on here? Is this some kind of revenge or so? Btw, Thekohser, your Limburgish is very, véry bad. The ä doesn't even exist in Limburgish :P Only äö. Next time, first learn a language before you speak/write it. It's even worse than VanLankvelt's English. (gweun es 'n veurbeildj, maak dich d'r neet te diek euver jóng) Some suitable words are: dit oetlègke (=to explain this) of (=or) oetsjèjje (=to stop) mit (=with) dit (=this) nötteloeaze (=useless) euverlèk (=discussion) As you can see 0 ä's in this whole sentence.

--Ooswesthoesbes 4 aug 2008 18:26 (UTC)

Hi. What's going on here (my view) is that Thekohser was talking on Wikipedia Review about how relatively obscure wikis with few users could be used for all sorts of things, not necessarily within their charter, and gave li:ws as an example. I followed him here to see what he was doing, and he's not doing much that really furthers the mission of this wiki. He's not some massive vandal or anything, so I periodically stop by to keep an eye on things and remind him that I'm watching. Since we have prior history, some of what you see is "sparring" ... I think he's mostly harmless. It's not revenge from my perspective (although I consider he's wasting my time a bit it's not the end of the world)... I can't say if it is from his or not. Hope that helps, if not please ask further. Lar 4 aug 2008 23:17 (UTC)

Lär, äre you here?[bewirk]

Lär, I'm just checking your response time. Respond here when you äcquire knowledge of this post. It's been ä reälly busy two months here on my Wikisource project! -- Thekohser 11 okt 2008 16:59 (UTC)